Diet and Fitness- A Perfect Combo for Famous Athletes
Bodybuilding vs Fitness Training
October 1, 2018
Fitness or bodybuilding

An appropriate diet is an essential part of bodybuilding or fitness. Without the correct amount of fuel, your body and muscles won’t be able to develop, and you won’t be able to get the high bar you have set yourself. In this blog, I will be talking about the diet of three renowned athletes who are not only famous but doing well in their particular field of sports. I hope they encourage you in taking your diet as fiercely as you take your work. Without further ado, let’s have a look.

Michael Phelps

Not only Michael has earned his name in the world through his skills in the water, he is also famously known for his diet. Computing how much your body demands is crucial to ensuring growth and success. The diet that Michael Phelps takes is not for the faint-hearted.

During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, it was reported that Michael Phelps was taking as much as 12,000 calories per day. That’s massive, given the amount of effort and hard work he was doing and just to think of how much exercise he was doing to maintain his average requirement.

While it’s not suggested that you immediately start taking 4,000 calories at every meal, it surely shows the commitment required to achieve the perfection. In order to be a step ahead and above the rest, you need to find the suitable amount of calories to personalize your training.

This is possible by using a macro-calculator to calculate your daily food intake. The amount of dedication and commitment in locating a single-rep max should always be used to searching the correct amount of food and steroid product your body demand.

Tom Brady

Fitness, sporting excellence, and fitness or bodybuilding rely on a single thing: discipline. In order for you to be the best, your discipline should expand far beyond the training ground or gym. In an interview not long ago, Gisele Bundchen’s chef, Allen Campbell and Tom Brady showed the amount of discipline and dedication is required into the diet of a quarterback.

According to a research, 80 percent of the quarterback’s eat vegetables. Brady suggests that he purchases organic vegetables that are fresh and straight from the farm. Besides that, the quarterback’s also consume different kinds of whole grains. Quinoa, brown rice, millet beans, these are some of the most vital grains in the diet of the quarterback’s.

The other 20 percent is lean meats like organic steak, chicken, a little bit of luck sometimes, and even fish. An average person in this regard would stop eating this particular diet within a month. However, if you are planning to be the best from the rest, you can achieve the same level of discipline that Brady has achieved over the years.

Lionel Messi

Arguably the best footballer in the world as of now, Messi is quick with his feet, movements, and dribbling. A master in his game, he has the ability to win the matches individually, which is why he is the most adored footballer in the world. His character as a master of the game is widely appreciated by experts and soccer pundits enlisting him among the best in the world.

The diet which Messi takes is carefully timed to perfection. Just like any other bodybuilder getting ready for competition, Messi’s diet plans are customized according to his matches. A technique which Messi normally uses is expanding his carb intake during the start of the week and gradually and slowly improving it in the coming days. As per Matt Lovell who works alongside many famous international footballers suggests that this process is called a ‘supercompensation method’ and can improve your overall amount of glycogen stored almost up to 50 percent.

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