Bodybuilding vs Fitness Training
Fitness or bodybuilding
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August 3, 2018
Fitness or bodybuilding
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Fitness or bodybuilding? Probably the first question that arises in every newcomer’s head when they enter a gym. However, most of the time you shouldn’t be worried about this as that’s why the trainer is there. They are the ones to guide you and suggest whether you need fitness or bodybuilding.

However, due to the rise in people being confused with which path to walk on, we have decided to differentiate the critical aspects of each style of training.


The core focus of bodybuilding is to enhance your strength and muscles. However, people start bodybuilding to reduce their body fat and replace it with muscle mass. The routines that are followed are focused on developing each body part. In addition, we’d also like to highlight the fact that each body part is worked on separately. By going step by step, it is expected that your body will turn out into the best shape in the future.

However, this process is quite lengthy. Sometimes it can take up to three-four years just to adapt to all the routines and get into shape. Therefore, it requires immense patience and dedication to a certain extinct. In addition, one specific drawback is that most bodybuilders start taking protein boosters and steroid products to increase their inner strength. The reason bodybuilders do that is because steroid products usually help in lasting longer in the gym. These gym freaks tend to double their routine with these protein and steroid products.

Fitness Training

Fitness training is considered a mixture of strength and conditioning. It has no obligation of focusing on one particular aspect like appearance or size. The core focus of fitness training is to make you as fit as possible. Fitness is also popularly known as cross fit. Unlike bodybuilding, fitness training doesn’t require any sort of steroid product. All you need to do is maintain a proper diet and focus on your daily cross fit sessions.

Cross fit training is usually taken by either those individuals who are looking for quick sessions to reduce their fat merely. Or, it’s for bodybuilders who are done with getting the shape they wanted. Yes, you heard that right! In other words, we can call fitness training an intense physical activity that involves a lot of movement and focuses on all the body parts at once.

The Verdict

Thought fitness training might look easier then bodybuilding, I’d like to clarify that it’s the other way around. Fitness training is much more intense and painful then bodybuilding. In fact, many experts advise fitness freaks to first go through a bodybuilding session and get in shape. After that, they can work on tuning up their fitness features. Therefore, next time some asks you fitness or bodybuilding, you’ll know what to say.

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